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FERRO–1122(Vitrified Tile Adhesive)

Ferro – 1122 is polymer modified cement based tile adhesive specially designed for heavy duty applications for fixing vitrified tiles etc.

FAD – 33 ADMIX (Wood Plus Adhesive Admix)

FAD – 33 Admix is superior Polymers Adhesive Admix specially designed for use with Ferro - 1122 to make highest flexible and superior strength adhesive

FERRO – 1133 (Stone Adhesive)

Ferro – 1133 is a high strength polymer modified adhesive. It makes the stone resistant to stains, seepage and discoloration. Ferro-1133 is specially designed for use in

FAD – 1 (Adhesive Admix)

FAD 1 ADMIX is a polymer liquid adhesive admixture, specially designed to fortify Ferro-1133 to make ultra high strength mortar for installing all

FAD – 11 (Premium Adhesive Admix)

FAD FAD - 11 is Premium Adhesive Admix Polymer modified adhesive admix specially designed for use with Ferro 1133 to make high strength applications for

FERRO – 1177 (Super Platinum Adhesive)

Ferro – 1177 special designed for use with water to produce high strength that meets requirement of Indian, ANSI, British Standards. It is a substitute for

FERRO – 1111 (Ceramic Tile Adhesive)

Ferro –1 111 is grey cement based polymer modified quick set tile adhesive. It gives excellent bond on cementitious surfaces like concrete and plaster.

FERRO – 1155 (Premium Mortar Adhesive)

Ferro – 1155 is a high performance two part system. Specially design for use with F AD – 22 Polymer

FAD – 22 ADMIX (Premium Mortar Admix)

It is a Premium Mortar Admix used to enhance the performance of cementitious mortars, plaster, concrete mixes and toppings for the restoration of horizontal, vertical

FERRO – 1144 (Glass Mosaic Tile Adhesive)

Ferro-1144 is white cement based polymer modified tile adhesive specially designed for glass mosaic applications on internal/external vertical/horizontal

FERRO – 1188 (Block Laying Adhesive)

Ferro – 1188 is a thin set adhesive for laying of AAC blocks, fly Ash bricks and Concrete blocks. It special designed to just mix water.

FERRO – 1166 (Slurry Bond Adhesive)

Ferro – 1166 is special Polymer Modified Adhesive specially designed for use with water to make free flowing, adhesive

FERRO – 202 (Epoxy Adhesive)

Ferro – 202 is specially modified formulated non-sag epoxy filling paste and adhesive. It is ideally suited for the installation of ceramic tiles on steel surfaces,

FERRO – 302 (Spot Fixing Epoxy Adhesive)

Ferro – 302 is a two – component, 100% solids, chemical resistant, exterior grade epoxy adhesive. Non –sag gel epoxy. It is ideal for spot fixing.