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FERRO – 101 Polymer Grout (Unsanded Grout)

Ferro – 101 is cement and polymer modified tile joint filler.

FERRO – 101 Polymer Grout (Hydrophobic Unsanded Grout)

Ferro – 101 Hydrophobic Unsanded Polymer Grout is specially modified water resistance.

FAG – 1 Admix (Grout Admix)

FAG –1 ADMIX is a polymer based liquid admixture specially designed for use in combination

Tile Cleaner

Tile Cleaner 3 in 1 tile cleaner is a special

FERRO – 102 Epoxy Grout

It is a 3 component product. The grout constituting of Strong Hardener,

FERRO – 102 Sprinkling Grout

It is a 3 component grout. The epoxy sprinkling grout with sprinkling effect in three various group.